Welcome to RUF!

Most come to RUF because they believe or at least are open to the possibility that knowing God would make their lives and the world better. We want friends who won’t use us. We want some of the garbage cleaned out of our lives. We want to be free from bitterness, to find love, to do something meaningful and much more. God affirms these desires but having them does not make us Christians. They make us human. The Christian begins to make sense of his or her life in view of the story of the Bible and it's culmination in the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

What does RUF Do?

RUF on Monday nights in Dudley B6 at 8pm


Every Monday night we meet in Dudley B6 for our "Large Group."  There is singing, anouncements, reading form the Bible, and preaching.  This is NOT a time or place for the perfect or the people who "have it all together."  This is a group of people who are convinced or unconvinced in Jesus.  We love meeting new people and seeing old friends, so come on out!

This Fall we will begin our sermon series on Conversations with Jesus.  Each week we will hear and talk about a different passage from scripture and see what truth it tells us about who Jesus is, what He has done, and why that has anything to do with us!  

Check out some of the ways to get involved with us!

More Info-Fill out this form to get some more information about RUF.  Someone will be in touch with you soon!

Fellowship Groups- Our small groups that typically consists of 6-8 people talking about the Bible, life, and mission all around good fellowship!

Servant Teams- RUF is not for us to retreat into our "Christian Bubble."  We are called to serve those around us.  Check out our servant teams to find out how to serve through RUF.

-Find us: on Facebook (Auburn RUF), Twitter: @auburnruf, and Instagram: auburnruf