Welcome to RUF!

At RUF we believe that you are never so good that you stand outside the need of God’s grace, while at the same time you are never so bad that you stand outside the reach of God’s grace - offered to us in Jesus. 

What does RUF Do?

Large Group on Monday nights in Dudley B6 at 8pm


Every Monday night we meet in Dudley B6 for our "Large Group."  There is singing, anouncements, reading form the Bible, and preaching.  This is NOT a time or place for the perfect or the people who "have it all together."  This is a group of people who are convinced or unconvinced in Jesus.  We love meeting new people and seeing old friends, so come on out! Each week we will hear and talk about a different passage from scripture and see what truth it tells us about who Jesus is, what He has done, and why that has anything to do with us!  - Prayer – join us each Monday at 7:30 before Large Group in Dudley Coffee Shop to pray for RUF!


1: Freshmen Bible Study – Tuesdays 5-6pm in Lowder room #10 (lower level)

2: Soph/Jr/Sr+  Small Groups – pick a time that works for you:

                                      Tuesdays @ 4 (guys) – 142 S. Debardeleben St – contact  Jon Esden 802.779.6290

           Tuesdays @ 5pm (girls) – Coffee Cat – contact: Grace Howard 731.695.2113

           Tuesdays @ 8:30pm  (guys) – 158 South Ross Street – contact Adam Birchfield 864.420.6605

                                      Wednesdays @ 4pm (guys) – Student Center – contact Matt Duraski 706.881.0192

            Thursdays @ 12:45pm (girls) – Chill – contact Hayden Lewis 314.852.5104

            Thursdays @1:30 (guys) – Samford Hall Lawn – contact Daniel Covert 601.527.5205

            Thursdays @ 5pm (coed) – 1114 South College St, Unit 6 Apt #203 contact Dominique Gannuch 256.783.8743

            Thursdays @ 7pm (coed) – Student Center -  contact James Post 256.698.6343

3: Sunday Night Fellowship – come out for discussion & get to know other people in your class!

                                    Freshmen: 6:30-8pm  @ The Castle House - 420 E Magnolia Ave

                                    Sophomores: 6:30-8pm  @ 213 Chewacla Drive

                                    Jr’s: 8-9:30pm  @ 213 Chewacla Drive

                                    Seniors/Grad Students: 8-9:30pm  @ 358 Magnolia Avenue

4: Informal Lunches: drop by whenever you can, stay as long as you’d like

                                    Guys Lunch: Tuesdays – Student Center 3rd Level near SGA office - 12-2                      

                       Girls Lunch: Wednesdays – Student Center 3rd Level near SGA office - 12-2


-Find us: on Facebook (Auburn RUF), Twitter: @auburnruf, and Instagram: auburnruf